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http://www.reishauer.com/ Reishauer:  Precision Gear and Thread Grinding

The history of Reishauer goes back more than 200 years. Reishauer now employees over 400 people and is a leader in designing and building highly precise and productive manufacturing systems, mostly used in the gear industry. Extensive activities in manufacturing, developments of technology, controls and research are the base for continuously new and innovative products. This benefits the demanding customers and enables them to cope with complex tasks. Being an export oriented company, Reishauer always strives to have close relationships with its customers. For this important reason, fully owned sales and service organizations are maintained in the USA, in Great Britain, Germany, Russia and China.

Reishauer Gear grinding Machines and Diamond & CBN Dressing Tools

                 Gear Grinding Machines

        RZ 150

       RZ 303C

        RZ 400

        RZ 1000

Model RZ 150

The RZ 150 ensures high reliability of achieving the desired tooth geometry and provides the opportunity to produce noise-optimized tooth geometries and surface textures from customary pre-machined quality blanks. Individual flank modifications are also possible with the two-flank process. The machine distinguishes itself through excellent quality and process stability combined with outstanding productivity.

Short idle times due to an innovative multi-spindle module, simple changeovers and quick setup times are inherent characteristics of this new machine.

Workpiece RZ 150

Outside diameter

150 mm

Number of teeth

6 - 150


1 - 3 mm

Helix angle



3 kg

Model RZ 303C


Unobstructed access to the machine from three sides and good ergonomics ensure quick setups. The newly developed loader module, which is attuned for the working range and the machine, reduces the loading and unloading times by employing an NC controlled rotary double gripper system.

A coolant centrifuge (option), which is integrated into the loader module, allows the dry spinning of the workpieces after grinding inside the machining area and protects the environment through a gate system to the transfer station that is located outside the machining area, the workpieces are drip free.

Workpiece RZ 303C

Outside diamater

300 mm

Number of teeth

6 - 600


0.8 - 5.5 mm

Helix angle



12 kg

Diamond and CBN Dressing Tools

This business area manufactures electro-plated diamond and CBN tools that correspond to the highest technical standards. Team oriented management principles and continuous training ensure that our customers are permanently supported by highly motivated and capable specialists. The path of our customer-oriented policy is the right one and is confirmed by the success that our tools enjoy across the globe.

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