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SMTS Mission Statement


To promote the welfare of the Swiss Machine Tool Industry

The Swiss Machine Tool Society is a membership dues based association of metal working companies with a direct interest in the sales, distribution and servicing of machine tools and accessories.

The purpose of the organization is to promote, foster, encourage and generally stimulate the welfare of Swiss metal working technologies, to render service to Swiss Machine Tool manufacturers in their relations with fellow manufacturers, customers, employer organizations, the public and related trade organizations and to generally promote the Swiss Machine Tool Industry.


In support of the mission statement the following objectives have been approved by the Swiss Machine Tool Society’s board of directors.

Member Services

The Swiss Machine Tool Society will meet the diverse needs of its membership. Programs offered will include for example; surveys requested by members, IMTS trade show organization.


The Swiss Machine Tool Society will communicate with existing and prospective members, governmental agencies, other associations and the machine tool market those programs and services that the Society promotes.


Recognizing that the organization’s success depends on the involvement and support of its members the Board of directors and it’s administrator will recruit new members to join and encourage all members to be actively involved.

Programs and Services

The Swiss Machine Tool Society will provide a variety of programs and services which support the Association’s objectives. The Swiss Machine Tool Society will undertake activities that support the efforts of it’s members.

These activities include:
Statistical summaries, such as market trend reports, surveys.

Special reports outlining political and economic developments to keep members informed about events and trends affecting the Machine Tool Industry, domestically and internationally.

Programs that address issues of concern to the industry. During the annual meeting of the Swiss Machine Tool Society, members examine topics of critical importance and universal interest.

Liaison with other manufacturing trade associations to promote mutual interests. Such Associations include AMT.

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