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Mikron Mikron Corp. Monroe
200 Main Street
P.O. Box 268
Monroe, CT 06468 / USA
Phone +1 203 261 31 00
Fax +1 203 268 47 52

Mikron Machining

Mikron Machining is the leading supplier of customized, highly productive machining solutions for the manufacturing of complex high-precision components made of metal.

The high-performance cutting tools used on the systems are developed and produced in house at Mikron Machining. They are regarded as some of the best in the world. The division guarantees customers fast, professional service and support.


Mikron Machining meets your production needs with customized machining solutions, where tried and true transfer systems expertise is combined with in-house cutting tool technology.

Mikron Products



Mikron NRG

The new generation of transfer machines

Full CNC high-precision vertical table rotary transfer machine with 12 stations and up to 30 working units machining simultaneously

For extremely high-precision workpieces up to 80 x 80 x 80 mm or cylindrical pieces up to

Ø 65 x 100 mm

Complete 6-sided machining possible

Applications / Main markets:

Automotive, watches (consumer goods), locks,(industrial building), pneumatic & hydraulic




Mikron Multistar

The versatile machining system for small precision parts

The Multistar transfer machine is well known for its wide range of applications. Parts for injection systems and gas burners, connectors for the electronics and electrical industry as well as components in the area of surgery, communications and audio-video are some of many ideal Multistar workpieces.

Multistar machines parts made from materials such as steel, non-ferrous metals or aluminium, in the diameter range from 0.4 to 35 mm with maximum lengths of up to 65 mm.

High-precision rotary transfer machine with 12 or 24 stations Full CNC or mechanically actuated versions

Highly accurate machining and repeatability

When it comes to high-volume production, Multistar is a cost efective solution! Available with from one to four simultaneous cycles, depending on part complexity and required volume

Capacity of up to 150 parts/min in single-cycle operation and up to 600 parts/min in four- cycle mode

Applications / Main markets:
Electrical, automotive, gas (others), medical, watches (consumer goods), ballpoint pen tips (writing)


Mikron Multifactor

The classic performer

The Multifactor transfer machine combines high precision with low-cost productive performance. At the same time, the machine's modular structure ensures long-term universal use. Multifactor gives you a high-capacity system that keeps its value over time.

High-precision rotary transfer machine with 12 or 15 stations for workpiece sizes of up to 100 x 100 x 100

Machining from wire, bar or cast blanks

System reconfiguration at reasonable cost both today and tomorrow Complete machining without reclamping

Applications / main markets:
Automotive, pneumatic & hydraulic, gas (others), medical, watches (consumer goods), refrigerator(consumer goods), lock applications (industrial building)


Mikron NAM

Machining on 6-sides, from bar or wire

Full CNC high-precision rotary transfer Machine with 8 or 10 workstations for variable production batch sizes

Maximum workpiece dimensions of up to 40x40x80 mm Complete machining on 6 faces from wire, coil or bar

4-axis pre-machining of bar before clamping

Applications / Main markets:
Watches (consumer goods), eyewear components (consumer goods), lock industry (industrial building), electrical contacts, mobile phone and laptop computer components (electric), medical applications.


Mikron Multistep XT-200

Advantage through modularity

The Multistep machining system is a true productivity centre! Thanks to its unique, unbeatable modularity and flexibility, ongoing production requirements can be accommodated at any time, with incomparable precision!

A high-precision modular machining center for workpiece dimensions of up to 200 x 200 x 200 mm

Expandable with modules, 1 loading module with up to 4 working modules Chip-to-chip time less than 1 second

Machining on 5½ faces in one clamping, simultaneous 5-axis machining 10-minute changeover time, ideal for changing lot sizes

Applications/Main Markets: Automotive, pneumatic & hydraulic, medical, watches (consumer goods), electrical


Mikron Respeed

As good as new

If your budget does not allow for a new machine, Mikron Respeed Systems offers an alternative which doesn't force you to give up traditional performance features or our comprehensive service.

Mikron Respeed Systems at a glance

•Mikron in-house overhauled machines as good as new

•New Mikron warranty

•Service terms same as for new machines

•Original Mikron spare parts

•Short lead times

•Attractive pricing


Mikron Writing Industry Equipment

Mikron equipment covers the entire range of writing instrument manufacturing.

Preparation of blanks with RP-32/3 cold heading press or TR-42 wire cutting machine

  • Manufacturing of ballpoint pen tips with Multistar LX-12 or Multistar LX-24

  • Quality control and support equipment



Mikron Automation

Mikron Automation is one of the world's leading manufacturers of customized, highly productive automation solutions for high-precision assembly and testing of products up to hand-size. The division guarantees customers fast, professional service and support.

The division’s main site is in Boudry, in the Canton of Neuchâtel, a region that is regarded as the heart of the Swiss watchmaking industry. To date, Mikron Automation has installed more than 3000 assembly and testing systems. Its international customers operate in the following markets: Medical Devices, Pharma, Automotive, Electrical/Electronics, Consumer Goods, Building and Solar. The division employs around 570 people at its sites in Boudry (Switzerland, headquarters), Berlin (Germany), Denver (USA), Singapore and Shanghai (China).





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